IT Tender Family Day 2023

For IT Tender's Family Day in 2023, we brought 425 children and parents (73 families!) to an incredible swimming resort. With the theme "Strong Together", the philosophy behind this event was to give urban poor families the opportunity to strengthen their relationships, protect their mental health, create lasting memories, and to strengthen our community.

IT Tender Christmas Party 2022 Video (*FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES CLICK "CC")

Enjoy these highlights from IT Tender's Christmas party in 2022 for kids in Manila, Philippines!

Welcome to IT Tender!

This video shows who we are and what we do at IT Tender. Through your help, we can send urban poor children to school and end the cycle of generational poverty for them and their families.

Youth Share Stories from the Slums of Manila (*FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES CLICK "CC")

Listen as we interview sponsor children in Manila who have overcome many obstacles to be able to go to school and to succeed (*interviews start at the 3:30 minute mark). Through child sponsorship at IT Tender, they receive an education (daily transportation to school, annual school supplies, computer and internet access) and leadership development (workshops, camps, mentoring). Today, each of them are also volunteers and leaders in our community in Manila.

Feeding Families in Manila (COVID-19 Relief Operations)

Because of the compassion of our donors, IT Tender gave regular distributions of rice, multivitamins and groceries to 150 urban poor families during the pandemic. The song in this video is performed by children and youth at IT Tender.

Christmas Gift and Grocery Giving

For Christmas in 2020, we gave groceries and gifts to families affected by the pandemic and back-to-back typhoons.

Stopsley Baptist Church Visits IT Tender

In 2010, Stopsley Baptist Church in England sent a team to IT Tender. They continue to send volunteers who engage in the community and assist in our programs.

IT Tender Christmas Party 2019 Video

Enjoy these highlights from IT Tender's Christmas party in 2019 for kids in Manila, Philippines!

One Year After the Fire and Demolition

In 2017, a fire destroyed one of the communities we serve. 50 families lost their homes. Shortly thereafter, another 100 families lost their homes when another of our communities was demolished for the building of a commercial property. This video shows the help we extended to empower families to overcome these tragedies. The music video at the end is performed by the kids and youth of IT Tender.

A Day in the Life of a Sponsor Child from IT Tender

Initiatives like our child sponsorship program transform at-risk children into agents of change by providing schooling, mentoring, proper nutrition, medical coverage, and leadership development. Contact us via email at if you are interested in sponsoring a child in Manila to go to school.

What is IT Tender?

IT Tender empowers children to become educated and responsible leaders in their community. This video is an overview of our vision and our initiatives.