Help Feed Families During the Lockdown in Manila
March 20, 2020

Dear friends and family,

With the lockdown in Manila for the next month or longer, urban poor families who cannot work or leave their homes are at a high risk of hunger, let alone the obvious risk of infection to COVID-19.

Please consider giving a donation to help provide food to the most at-risk families in the slums of Manila. Click here to give to IT Tender's General Fund which also supports our ongoing feeding program (all donors receive a tax receipt).

At IT Tender, we refuse to live in fear or panic. We refuse to only think of ourselves and our own families. Now, more than ever, we need compassion and help for the poor and the families at higher risks of hunger and infection. For many of us, this is a trial we will overcome, but for those families this is about survival.

Join us in our efforts to provide regular supplies of rice, healthy soup mix and multivitamins to 150 families under the care of IT Tender. We also want to announce that our Filipino summer projects (from April-May) are cancelled, and instead we are raising support to feed those children, youth and their families.

Thank you for your compassionate support. You are a source of hope and practical help to the urban poor whose survival is at risk during the home quarantine.

In spite of the strict rules of the quarantine, we are able to continue helping the disadvantaged because many of the selfless staff of IT Tender are living at the drop-in center and coordinating with the local government to distribute the food and relief goods to the families in the slums. We vow to continue helping these families however we can, because we believe they are also our brothers and sisters, and we are called to serve the needy who have nobody else to turn to.

Be strong, stay wise, and let us remain united by a spirit of hope and compassion that goes beyond boundaries and borders.

John Coffey
Director of IT Tender