IT Tender’s Programs and Leadership Team


SMART kids

An early childhood education center for infants and toddlers (ages 0-2) to enjoy meaningful learning. SMART Kids is not your typical daycare. It is a family-focused community where the mother or father of each child actively joins each session.

Through this hands-on approach, the parents bond with their child and develop greater responsibility and involvement in their child's education from an early age. A healthy meal is served to the children each session.


Simula Daycare Center

A preschool for children ages 3-5. Simula is Tagalog for "beginnings". SDC provides an early start for children to grow emotionally, physically, socially, creatively and cognitively.

We offer a balanced, Unicef-approved curriculum with opportunities for small and large group activities, active and quiet play, and individual experiences as well as peer interactions. A healthy meal is served to the children each session.


The sponsorship provides daily transportation to school, lunches, and school supplies. Beyond this, the program is wholistic in offering families medical support, livelihood training, and developmental programs like annual family camps, field trips, counseling, and more.

For just $1/day ($30/month) you can send a child to school and provide developmental programs for the entire family. Click here to see the different ways you can donate.

Alternative Learning System (ALS)

Tutoring out-of-school youth and adults to pass a high school equivalency exam. Graduates are then referred to organizations with job opportunities or technical schools that offer scholarships for ALS exam passers.

Night Life

A drop-in style program for the most at-risk children and youth in the area. In this “safe space” kids are able to have fun together, develop healthier relational habits, enjoy meals and even make use of the shower facilities. The new ‘Sing, Spell, Read, and Write’ curriculum also uses interactive and fun activities to improve literacy.

Send a Teacher to School

A scholarship for Filipino staff and interns to complete their degrees in education and social work. This investment will enable IT Tender to help even more children complete their education and become change agents in their community. Click here to see the different ways you can donate.