About Us

IT Tender was established in 2000 when Filipino couple John & Gela Basiwa saw the plight of children living on the streets addicted to sniffing solvents. They reached out by bringing food to the kids and building relationships. Over the years, more people came to help and they set up programs aimed at bringing about total transformation, with a predominant emphasis on education.

In 2013 the Basiwas turned over leadership to John Coffey from Canada. He has been traveling to the Philippines to work with IT Tender since 2006. He has a Bachelor of Honours Arts in Psychology and English from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor in Elementary Education from the University of Toronto. Between short-term missions to the Philippines from 2006-2010, John volunteered in inner-city schools in Toronto teaching Kindergarten to Grade 6, he worked in group homes for adults with special needs, and he was an academic tutor and head counselor at a camp for children with special needs. In 2009 he committed to a one-year internship with International Teams and helped establish a daycare in a small community church. He returned to the Philippines in 2011 and studied the Tagalog language full-time to become fluent before serving in the various educational programs of IT Tender. As the executive director, John leads the IT Tender team in tandem with the Filipino program manager Jizza Malquisto. Jizza is the hands-on manager of each program and is also a registered social worker. Each of the Filipino staff are passionate about empowering the poor through access to education, relevant skills training, and mentoring.

Our Philosophy

A beautiful young girl with a pink headband looking at the camera
To empower children to become educated and responsible leaders in their community.
To provide opportunities for quality education, mentoring, and leadership development that transform at-risk children into agents of change.
Through educational programs for children, youth, and families, they will become Christ-centered, responsible, and self-sustaining.
To teach the mind – through educational programs including daycare, after-school tutorials, trainings, educational sponsorships and scholarships 

To teach the heart – through mentoring and discipleship

To teach the hands – through skills development and youth volunteerism in ministry activities, nutrition and hygiene initiatives, camps and events

Core Values


ommitting to God's Calling

We believe we are called by the Lord to serve the less fortunate.


ffering Compassion

We believe we are called by the Lord to serve the less fortunate.


oticing the Disadvantaged

We go to the poorest communities to survey their needs and assets and to work with them.


urturing Joyful Learning Environment

We go to the poorest communities to survey their needs and assets and to work with them.


stablishing Strong Families

We protect and strengthen families through family events and camps.


reating Bridges (or Opportunities)

We connect the poor with opportunities for schooling, trainings and developments.


ransforming Communities (Life Change)

We witness lives changed through education.