Feeding Families in Manila this Christmas
November 11, 2021

Dear friends and family,

It's hard to believe that Christmas is already right around the corner, but the families we serve in Manila have been looking forward to this season all year. Our Christmas grocery and gift giveaway was such a bright, joyful moment in 2020, so much so that the anticipation for Christmas has helped many families keep their hopes up through 2021.

Families living in poverty have suffered the most from the economic setbacks of the pandemic and rotating lockdowns. It's been another difficult year for the emotional and educational well-being of the children too. Children in Manila were prohibited from going outside for most of 2021. Pandemic restrictions in the Philippines have been tougher than most countries across the globe.

Our community is yearning again for a little joy and compassion. And this holiday season, we can give something both practical and uplifting to boost their spirits.

Each donation of $50 will provide an urban poor family with our most elaborate and comprehensive pack of groceries and gifts yet. The package includes everything a family needs for a Filipino Christmas feast, essential groceries, plus new clothing and age-appropriate gifts for the children!

Click here to donate to share the love and compassion to families who may not otherwise have groceries or gifts during the holidays. Donors will receive a tax deductible receipt.

(Donors in the USA click here and donors in the UK click here to visit our giving pages in those regions. Kindly type “IT Tender” as the designation of your donation. Donors in the Philippines can email us at it.tender@iteams.ca for info on how to give)

Thank you for your incredible support. Your gift is a practical expression of compassion at a season when we celebrate the virtues of hope, love, joy, and peace.

We pray that these holidays are a special time for you and your family as well. May we each take the time to recognize and appreciate the relationships and the provisions that we are blessed to have in our lives. For those who will struggle this Christmas season, we pray for more people to reach out and extend love and practical supports, just like we are doing through this Christmas campaign.

With gratitude for your support and care to the poor,

John Coffey
Director of IT Tender