What Does A Child
Need to Overcome Poverty?

IT Tender offers a wholistic and comprehensive child sponsorship program for at-risk children in Metro Manila, Philippines.

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Community of Support
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Leadership Opportunities
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We Are Launching The 'Big Leap Project'

IT Tender takes the next step to improve our programs and make a greater impact. We have outgrown our little drop-in center and we plan to move to a bigger building! To learn more about the Big Leap Project, please click the button below.

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There are 4.8 million children in the Philippines classified as "out-of-school," according to the Department of Education. IT Tender’s Sponsor-A-Child program focuses on the highest risk children in Metro Manila.

IT Tender's comprehensive and wholistic child sponsorship program empowers children from kindergarten to college by:
●      Providing daily transportation
●      Annual school supplies
●      Uniforms
●      Medical check-ups
●      Emergency hospital coverage
●      Computer and internet access for assignments
●      Access to clean water
●      Nutrition monitoring and feeding programs
●      Disaster responsiveness

Education, a community of support, and leadership opportunities are the foundations of breaking the cycle of poverty. You can change the trajectory of a child's future for $1 a day.
"Without education and liberty, which are the soil and sun of man, no reform is possible, no measure can give the result desired."
Dr. Jose Rizal - Philippine National Hero

Community of Support

IT Tender takes a proactive and preventative approach by providing regular opportunities for families to be together in safe environments without the challenges of daily life. Family camps, family day outings, fellowship events and Christmas parties are some of the options made available to Sponsor-A-Child clients.

At family events and camps, the parents receive counseling and mentoring to encourage them and to give their voices a chance to be heard. Regular fellowship events throughout the year develop the social skills of the kids and youth to get along well with others, make friends, develop healthy relationships, protect themselves, and in general, be able to interact with society harmoniously.
A group of kids and young adults holding hands while running and laughing.
Two young boys learning how to play the guitar.

Leadership Opportunities

Volunteerism within IT Tender programs and events provides the sponsor children with regular opportunities to develop leadership skills and self-confidence. They teach and lead:
●      After-school tutorials
●      Mentoring
●      Leadership training
●      Music, dance, visual arts
●      Basic literacy
●      Events and camps

Many of the Filipino staff at IT Tender are former clients themselves. These staff intentionally model and teach the sponsor children to become future models and teachers for the next generation. Volunteerism allows the clients to step out of the isolation of their small community to develop good relationships with others and to make an impact in their city. At-risk children from the poorest slums of Metro Manila are thus becoming leaders with the capacity to dream bigger and to effect change.

Invest In The Future of a Child:

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